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Anything is Possible



Do you have an important goal to reach?  
A promotion?  A new job? A better working relationship? Financial security?
Do you want to start a business?
Maybe more peace of mind, more life balance, or more impact in your work.  
Or do you want less - less confusion, less stress, less financial pressure?
Coaching can help set a new direction for you and achieve your goals.  


Couples and Relationships

What do you want in a relationship?

What do you not want in a relationship?


It's good: How can I make it better?

Better Communication

Conflict Resolution and Management

Improving Trust

Greater Intimacy

Divorce: Is it the right thing for me?

                Is it the right thing for us?

                Can I forgive?

                What about the children?

                Dealing with the terms of a                     divorce

                Where do I go from here?

Dreams and Goals

How do I realize my dreams?

What is your passion?


What are your dreams?


What path should I take?


Plan for retirement


Develop your personal strategic plan


Discover your purpose


"Reach Higher.  Go Further.  Be More."


"There isn't anything you cannot do.  With a clear vision and good plan, and being focused and intentional, people can achieve anything."  - Dean

"One of the best coaches around!"

Dean is an innovative out-of-the-box thinker.  He is known for his commitment, his creativity, and a strong desire to see people succeed.  He is a credentialed coach that brings real world personal and business experience to his coaching practice, including:

  • Architecting and implementing IT solutions for corporate mergers

  • Managing teams in 24 hour, multi-cultural, mult-national environments

  • Health and Wellness business ownership

  • Successfully inspiring people and teams to exceed their personal and professional goals 

  • Pastoring/mentoring/sponsorship


What Dean enjoys most is helping people to find clarity in their vision, goals and dreams, and supporting them to success.  


Dean's coaching creates better personal and professional relationships, and brings success to difficult situations.  His coaching improves performance in every area of life and improves the bottom line of organizations.  

"My vision is to see a better world through coaching others.  To see people step into their true calling, and gain genuine happiness.  To see people succeed and improve their way of life, whether in their careers, hobbies, or relationships."

Dean has earned his mastery level coaching certification as a Certified Professional Performance Coach from an ICF Accredited School.  He is a member of the International Coaching Federation, and an active member of the leadership team for the New Mexico Chapter of ICF.  He is on the leadership team for MOI, Aglow International



Greater Albuquerque/Santa Fe

New Mexico

AccessVertical Coaching

Tel: 1.505.999.0727

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