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"Dean brings more than just knowledge and tools of a professional coach into every conversation.  You can tell that he honestly cares about you as a person and the way you are going.  On top of that he has got a warm heart and great sense of humor that make every coaching session more fun than work." a.b.

"Dean is a great coach.  He listens and asks the hard questions that make me think.  I always walk away knowing myself better.  I have a plan and clarity on how to proceed".  -j.c. 

"I feel like I'm 19 again!  I have a fresh new perspective on my life, who I am and what my calling is!" e.a.

"Working with Dean isn't a nice-to-have.  For me, and for just about any highly successful person I know, it's an essential.  He keeps me thinking big and moving forward to my vision - t.c.

"Dean helped bring clarity & focus in my life at a time when I was going through a very difficult situation.  I am better equipped to make the right decision." - r.c.


"Through coaching, I have learned to use my intellect instead of my emotions in situations that trouble me.  Also I've learned to wait before I respond, and at the same time to have compassion and use wisdom......Now I stay out of the drama!" - j.t.


"Coaching has helped me so much.  I would recommend it to everyone.  My coach has helped me through difficult decisions, helped me to rebuild my confidence and my self esteem.  I understand that coaching is not

"magic" but it is a much faster and more effective way for me to find myself, make changes in my life, and reach some of my goals.  


"I am lucky to have made a great connection with my coach.  He 

has made it easier.  I am more comfortable to be myself.  It is important to be honest with him.  The goal of a coach after all is to help you, so if I couldn't be honest with him...this situation would have not worked......He has been very supportive, always positive and holds me accountable for my goals every week...l.p.


"I am thankful God brought Dean into my life.  He is an awesome coach and friend." -l.l.


"Since I started working with Dean, people come up to me and say I am not the same person.  My joy and happiness have come back!  I've got a new job. I have a new place to live.  I relate better with people.  I have hope that a better future is out there for me!" - t.b.

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